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The Existence of God: No Other Explanation Exists
Published By Nibrass on 2012-02-08 209 Views

History has told us about cities without walls, wells and town halls, but it failed to tell about one city where no temple (or other worship places) existed. Religion has been an essential part of human's life the same as food, drink, reproduction and money do. Despite the variety of religions and beliefs availabe and the great differences between them, we find that none of them deny the existence of some sort of deity, After all, the reason why people needed religion was their fear from nature phenomena, dreams, the past and the unknown future. These fears were the reason why most people adopted a certain belief or theology. Yet, it's a real sorrow that in our modern world with scientific and cultural advancements - which are sought to tighten belief in existence of God- we frequently meet with atheists who are proud to defend their unbelief in God. It should be noted that I (personally) respect any individual whatever his beliefs where (even if he was atheist), but this article is designed to deal with the issue of God existence in a scientific methodical study, far away from any bias or abuse for any faith or idea.

So why should there be a God? A question that any individual, whether he's a believer or not, in addition to many others. If we look around us, including ourselves, we will certainly find that everything in this world is subject to change and abides certain rules and systems. No one can deny that everything from the galaxies, planets, stars, mountains, seas, oceans and living things were nothing before a certain time in the past. Hence, all of these 'created' things need a certain creator. If that creator was 'created' itself, we will search for its creator and so on. So, the solution is that there should be an eternal creator who created everything else. Why should there be one such creator and not several ones? The answer is simply that had there been several independent creators, each of which has his own will, then it's impossible for them to agree on creating a harmonic world like this, were there's a unique system. Else, there would be chaos and unstable laws, and the poly-creators will struggle for control. But since we find that this universe will all galaxies and physical laws exists in a harmonic organized way, we will surely confirm that there should be one God, and no other God. What should that God look like or feel like? It's certain that if this God is in need for any of the created things, then such creatures need to be created before He was available, hence God will have no need for anything including place, time and any other thing. Can we see God? If we can, then He should abide to the physical properties (color, volume, position...) which are themselves created things. Therefore, God can't be observed by the eye or any other sense because every thing which can be examined by those creatures is a creature itself. So is there any 'scientific' evidence on the existence of God? Well, I think there's not any law which DOESN'T point to the existence of God. In fact, the more scientists disover the laws of nature, the more we get certain of the law of rationality; that's, there exists a reason for every result. So how come anybody dare to say that such a universe has no Creator? Would such a person accept that a boat would be made by randomness and spontaneousness? I doubt it! 

Moreover, when an atheist request a scientific evidence on the existence of God, I would ask him to show me evidence of his feelings (happiness, sadness, fear, pain...). I would ask him to give me evidence of the existence of electricity, heat or forces. Certainly, all he gives me as evidence is in reality effects of that entity. In addition, I would request that such a person give me evidence on his existence. Well, I may see his image, hear his sound and read his writings but I don't have enough evidence that he is a human; I can touch the effects of his existence, not his existence itself. Furthermore, can such a person prove for me that there are thoughts and ideas revolving in his mind? 

Another reason which atheists would bring is that many believers wouldn't get any result when they ask God's help. Although we're going to discuss this issue in another post, I can simply say for now that God's knowledge is wider than ours. For instance, he may delay or postpone a certain request which isn't, in reality, for the real benefit for the asking individual. Although we may feel that this is exactly what we need, it's essential that we mention that God himself knows more than any of us what's beneficial for us. This will be dealt with thoroughly in another post.

In conclusion, I think that this issue shouldn't be taken as an issue which humilitates atheists or believers. Our main goal from this study is to provide an overview of what reasons are used for the existence of God. In fact, I find that there's no other opinion or theorem that can explain for us how this universe has started, even the Big Bang arises more questions and exclamations. For instance, if randomness is logical. then why do we bother and seek the scientific laws; everything would be random and it would be senseless to search for fixed rules that govern the universe. I apologize again for atheists, as my post is meant to be objective and faraway from any insult or harm for others' beliefs.

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